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Investments in the oil and gas industry until 2030.

Investments in the oil and gas industry until 2030.

The Russian state financial enterprise TREASURY offers foreign Chinese investors, according to the investment agreement signed between Russia and China, investments in the Russian oil and gas sector Gazprom. 

Investments involve the investment of funds in the Russia-China gas transportation system under the guarantees of the Russian Government or the Federal Treasury of Russia. 

Minimum investment: any amount (depends on negotiations with the Chinese side).

Investment period: until 2030 

Annual percentage: 9.5% per annum + premium* 

*the premium is negotiated separately in the Contract. 

Payment of interest and body parts: quarterly, on the 15th of the last month in the quarter. 

The Investment Agreement is confirmed by 100% guarantees of the financial institution of Russia.

Administration of the Treasury of the Krasnodar branch.